About the project

What could’ve happened if Thomas Mann would’ve met Jean-Paul Sartre in the dunes of Nida? Ignoring the limits imposed by time-space, we’re raising this question to three professional writers, selected by Goethe Institute, French Institute and Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts. We hope they will take their time to elaborate on the question during their residency period starting in April and ending in mid-May 2014.

The three writers:

Corinne Roche (FR)
Paulina Pukytė (LT)
Nils Mohl (DE)

are the authors of this blog, which is the reflection of their quotidian life in Nida, following the footsteps of those who were there, and creating paths to things that might have happened.

The project is a common initiative of Goethe Institut LitauenL’Institut français de Lituanie and Nida Art Colony.


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