What is Corinne doing here?

Well,  very good question… an easy one, in fact. I’m here to see if I’m still a writer. I don’t speak of beeing an author, this is quite different. I left France with 70 pages of a novel I began 3 years ago, and abandoned. I thought that maybe, Sartre and Mann, (not to speak about you, my dear fellows), would gently take my hand and help me finish the sentence of page 70 , and begin a new one.

what else do I do here? eating from the pan. wearing nice lithuanian slippers. Tasting water from the lagoon…

wednesday, 6 pm.

Yesterday I read some articles about Sartre,  saw a small film about his work and engagement. What I’m doing here (writing a short story about him and Mann) should make , if I succeed, people feel like opening a book from one of them (or both). “Les mots”, and “Kean”, a wonderful play I just discovered. And “about the jewish question”, published in 48 and still very accurate. this, I think, is really political. Because after reading the book, someone asks himself new questions he didn’t think about before.

By the way, I brought “felix krull” with me (Mann’s last novel) and was not very enthousiastic about reading this thick book printed in tiny block letters. But I was determined to be  brave. Fortunately, I didn’t need to. really a funny and quite surprising novel…


No, it’s not Felix krull’s bedroom. Just a fantastic chocolate room, in a chocolate shop, in Pilies street, in Vilnius. Chairs, table, sofa… Everything is made from chocolate.

Sunday the 13th. Hi everybody, I try to write UNDER this ,!*z$$??<! picture, and not above… and will I manage in putting another picture, (and not upside down, if possible? ) that’s what both of you and I are going to see in a few minutes. Or hours.  if I don’t succeed, just know that the picture was about the very interesting musical performance we had on thursday evening. CIMG3029oooooh, what a miracle! There’s a God somewhere.


CIMG3043For some obscure reason, this picture appears also at the beginning of our blog. I think th computer probably thought that could a nice symbol of what’s happening here; listening to nature forces, trying to combine technology and simple materials. what else could it be?


Monday the 14th

one of my best moments in Nida – so far. The day after my arrival was a photo worshop with Ernest and some young students from Erasmus. Linas had told me it would take place,  I didn’t think of joining them . but when I came down and sat silently behind the assistance,  it seemed quite fascinating: they had to make their own camera, then take a picture – “I don’t think I can join you?” I asked to Ernest, who asked me in return: “why couldn’t you join us? You just have to find a box.” I found one. “now, you have to paint it in black”, said one of the student, Gabriella. and we both put our fingers in the same bottle of black paint. painting a box in black with your fingers gives more pleasure than trying to penetrate Thomas Mann’s state of mind, I tell you.

then we had to put our boxes outside, turning their dark face toward sun, with all other boxes. Last tanning session.

See result below.




tuesday the 15th

what is Corinne doing here? actually, watching Nils playing volley-ball with Daina, Oscar, Gabriel, Julia and a few others (guest team) against 5 other players all dressed in the same way (local team). quite a reward after a hard day of writing. Bravo la Kolonija! you – are – the – champions…



Thursday, the 17th.

nice visit to Klaipeda yesterday, nice and peaceful monster on the lawn (I always thought that monsters are unhappy and miserable creatures. In french : a monster is the one that has to be shown (to show is: montrer.) and he’s really being shown to everybody there…)CIMG3080

Yesterday was also the last day of the tournament. While walking through the forest to the stadium, together with Gabriel and Julia, we could exchange not only brilliant ideas : -) but also languages!!! I took a german lesson. Und jetzt kann ich sagen, heute lief das Schreiben ganz gut … Bis später.

NILS. Sehr schön!




saturday the 26th.

As I was looking for some information about the fifties in Nida,  I went to the local museum, very small, close to Thomas Mann’s house. Interesting pictures, some of them unfortunately not dated. that was actually a chance to talk and ask the librairian about this period. And when she heard about my project, she gave me this book of hers. Not to sale, as I thought at the beginning.  It’s written in lithuanian, of course, by a local journalist, living now in Klaipeda. So if I need any translation, I’ll ask some help from Linas or Paulina :-) !!!

Really a very useful gift. I will give back the book to the librarian at the end of my stay here, with a bunch of flowers.  this idea gives me the moral strength to go on writing…


Saturday the 9th

The blog was kaput for a while… and now, healthy again. It deserves a small speech, doesn’t it?

“Dear Bloggie, don’t think I forgot you all these days. Tried to join you without success, asked news from you to Daina, spoke with Nils about you… Even a friend of mine worried not to be able to reach you.  So, welcome home, Bloggie! Salud, cheers, prost, lekhaïm, gesundheit, tchin tchin, I sveikata! ”

Last week, Lysianne Caron from the french Institute of LIthuania came to visit us. I had a great week-end, walking with her and talking about literature and classic music (she plays violin) .  we had a lot in common, I think. And she made me discover 2 wonderful dishes: “GRIKAI”, a kind of cereals, very easy to prepare, store in fridge, reheat, and so on for several days. quite perfect food for me. another dish is cepelinai we ate in kursis, nice restaurant in Nida. I ate the first meatball and began  the second one, which, I think, is quite honorable for a woman without any training. then I came back to NAC for afternoon writing, and actually had a little snap  before… ) I recommend  cepelinai to insomniac people.

Fourth draft finished yesterday. I  have a day off today. I just cheked some information about Thomas Mann and “discovered” I was right – I means that  what I wrote in my short story about his feelings, thoughts, was quite true. 


monday, the 12th


A walk in the forest. And maybe a representation of what writing is. Wildness, mysterious order (not visible at once). Many hidden creatures. Fears, dangers. A space in which you can slowly find your way through, with time and patience.


To go on with the metaphore : a result of what the forest can produce.

left: Jean-Paul Sartre, right: Thomas Mann (bigger) .